A 79+ Score Strategy For PTE Academic

Plan your studies and schedule them right so that you won’t face any problems during the last days of Exam. This is applicable for every exam including PTE Academic. We are going to help you make a strategy to get your desired scores in PTE Academic exam.

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PTE Academic Eligibility Criteria

PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. The eligibility criteria to give PTE Academic is as simple as it can get.  PassPort Single most important thing: You need to have a valid Passport. This is your identification, without which you will not be allowed to enter the […]

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PTEVoucher.com: Introduction

Welcome to PTEVoucher.com. Allow us to introduce ourselves if you are not already familiar. We are authorized re-sellers of PTE Voucher and we also provide additional services which include PTE Mock Tests and Customer Services.

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How to buy PTE Voucher

  Congratulations! You have made the right choice by selecting our PTE Voucher. So you have decided to buy the voucher but not sure about the process? Do not worry, it’s really simple. We are going to break it down for you in simple steps.     Fill The Form Go to PTEVoucher.com and a […]

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general tips for pte academic

8 Proven Tips For PTE Academic

We hope that you are preparing well for your PTE Academic Examination. We have gathered some tips for pte academic so that you can make your preparation a little easier.  PS: Before you read the tips, if you haven’t booked your slot yet then we have good news for you. Buy PTE Voucher to Book PTE […]

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What you get when you buy PTE Voucher

PTE Academic costs you 13,300 INR when you book it directly but with PTE Voucher Code, you can get a good discount and some more benefits. We are writing this in order to let you know all the services you get when you buy our PTE Voucher.

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PTE Academic Exam day: Read Before You Go for the Exam

The day you were preparing for is finally here! In this article, you will find a preview of the PTE Academic exam day and some last minute tips you must remember! You have booked your slot. Eat your food (lunch or breakfast) and get ready by putting some comfortable clothes because you need to sit […]

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FAQs On PTE Voucher

We have curated some FAQs on PTE Voucher to make it easier for you. This one minute read can answer most of your question in a simple way. How much does the PTE voucher cost? The voucher cost 12,222 INR in total including GST, no hidden cost! What is the validity of the voucher? The […]

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Which exam is better: IELTS, TOEFL or PTE?

There are many parameters that one needs to look upon when considering these exams. The Goal Let’s get back to basics, why do you give these exams? For immigration or to study abroad. All these exams test your English skill as a non-native. If the test is valid in most countries then you should go […]

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