What you get when you buy PTE Voucher

PTE Academic costs you 13,300 INR when you book it directly but with PTE Voucher Code, you can get a good discount and some more benefits. We are writing this in order to let you know all the services you get when you buy our PTE Voucher.

Price Of PTE Voucher: 12,222 INR

PTE Academic Voucher Code

pte academic voucher

The first and most important thing: You get a unique voucher code through which you can book PTE Academic Slot. That's a straight discount of 1,078 INR. To clarify further, you don't have to pay anything extra during slot booking. You pay the GST on PTE Academic when you buy our voucher. As proof of the same, we provide a GST Invoice along with the voucher code. 

The voucher code is generated automatically and therefore we are able to provide you the PTE Voucher within 30 seconds of the purchase! It is valid for 11 months giving you enough time to apply for PTE Academic.

Online Mock Tests

pte academic mock test

Apart from the voucher, you also get 50 Online PTE Academic Mock Tests for free! The login details for the same are shared via email and SMS after the purchase. You can access these mock tests from any device ie mobile, laptop or tablet. All you need is Google Chrome and an internet connection. These mock tests are valid for one whole year. 

We provide you mock tests which are designed to stimulate real PTE Academic Experience. Students pay a hefty amount for these mock tests alone. With PTE Voucher, you don't have to pay to practice for PTE Academic!

Free Reference Material

pte academic prep

If you feel that mock tests are not enough for your PTE Academic preparation, we also provide our students with free material on request. We compile these free material from various reliable resources. You can be specific in your request so that we can provide material according to your needs. 

Easy Refund Policies

PTE Voucher

We keep our terms and conditions transparent because we care about customer satisfaction. Our refund policy is very simple. You need to satisfy two conditions:

  1. Unused Voucher Code
  2. Refund requested within 6 months of purchase.

We will refund 70% of the amount you paid when these conditions are fulfilled. You can request a refund by informing our customer service.

24X7 Customer Support

pte voucher

We are one of the biggest resellers of PTE Voucher In India because we are passionate about providing students the needful for PTE Academic as much as we can. Therefore our customer representatives are available 24X7. How to contact us?

Dial  022 3946 438

Email us [email protected]

You can also use chat options available on our website.