8 Proven Tips For PTE Academic

We hope that you are preparing well for your PTE Academic Examination. We have gathered some tips for pte academic so that you can make your preparation a little easier. 

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Instructions Matters

pte academic tips

Construct your answers according to the instructions given in the question. You can familiarize yourself with instructions for every type of question through mock tests. The most important part of the instruction is the word limit. Word Limit is considered while scoring your test, for example, if the word limit is 200-300 then write more than 200 words but less than 300. 

Manage Time

pte time management

Speaking items give you a specific time to answer but with reading or writing items, you need to decide how much time you are devoting in reading and how much in actually writing the answer. Manage time in a way that you are able to save at least a minute to recheck your answer for any mistakes.

Speak Calmly

PTE Academic Tips

You need don't need to raise your volume in order to submit your answer for speaking questions. Do not speak too fast or stumble while speaking. Keep the volume and pace of your voice normal. Just be confident while giving answers and you will be able to score well in Speaking.

Expand Your Vocabulary

pte academic vocab

Repeating words can cost you potential scores. Try not to repeat too many words. Specifically, avoid using words that are not necessary. For example, using "literally" again and again is not much of a use. You can start reading newspapers, magazines, novels etc to expand your vocabulary.

Mind That Punctuation!

pte academic tips

Every little things matter, when a test marks you for your grammar skills. It's a wide range of topic: grammar includes tenses, proper sentence construction, spellings and of course: punctuation. Every dot(.), comma(,) or exclamation(!) matters. Make sure you end your sentences with punctuations.

Use Your NotePad

notepad and pen in pte hall

PTE Academic Centers provide you with a notepad and pen. You can put them to good use in questions like "Re-Tell Lecture" as the lecture is pretty long and you might not be able to memorize it properly in order to construct your answer in own words. The trick is to write the key points of the lecture so you construct an answer around it. 

Avoid User Errors

PTE Academic Tips

Last but not least, you should familiarize yourself with the way PTE Academic Computerized System Works. Speak only after the screen tells you that the recording is going to start. If you do not speak even for more than 3 seconds after the microphone start recording then the microphone will switch. You don't need to worry as you are given enough time to prepare before the microphone starts recording, just prepare yourself at that time.

Prepare Yourself For The Test Day

Notebook pte

Reach the center at least 30 minutes early because the sign in procedure is a bit long. Don't forget to eat your breakfast or lunch as the exam is 3 hours long. An optional 10-minute break is given after Reading Section but you will not be allowed to eat anything. Hydrate yourself. Do not forget to take your passport with you.

PTE Voucher wish you all the best with these tips for PTE Academic!