4 Habits That Can Improve Your PTE Academic Scores

We are sure that you are preparing well for your PTE Academic Exam. Apart from practicing for the exam and brushing up on your skills, we have curated a little list of things you can do. These good habits can improve your PTE Academic Scores and help you in your career overall.


Improve Your PTE Academic Scores

The ultimate king of content and English. You get enough content to read the articles of your choice when you subscribe to a daily newspaper. The newspaper helps to build various English skills, it's not a one read wonder. Don't think of it as a task, just read because you want to know about the current affairs or sports. Whatever you are interested in, pick that topic and commit yourself to read a newspaper every day. Here are the English Skills Newspaper helps you develop:

  1. Vocabulary: There are plenty of new words to learn in Newspaper. Whenever you see a new word, try to understand it's meaning just by reading along and note it down. You can later search for it in a dictionary and try to use it. This is how you can incorporate new words.
  2. Reading Skills: We know that PTE Academic Reading is the second section of the exam. It's important to brush up your comprehensive skills, newspaper give you a perfect opportunity to do so.
  3. Grammar: Experts print and publish Newspaper every day. Its proofread multiple times and it's the perfect place to be sure that you are getting good grammar.
  4. Spelling: Of course just reading words don't usually make people learn spellings. So whenever you see a complicated word, write it down. Its easier to learn spellings that way.

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Watch English News/Shows

Improve Your PTE Academic Scores

Listening English is as much important as reading it. You can learn so much by watching English Shows. There are no restrictions on what you wanna watch but we recommend watching shows that stays true to the English Langauge. English News channels like BBC News, Al Jazeera, CNN etc or shows like House Of Cards, Sherlock can do good. Just stay away from the slang language and everything will go your way. You will notice a good difference in these skills:

  1. Listening: The last section of PTE Academic, you need to be able to quickly comprehend what you are listening and respond accordingly. Shows are a fun way to test and develop your listening skills over time.
  2. Pronunciation: You will find yourself learning the right pronunciation without even giving too much of an effort. It's the magic of surrounding yourself to English. 
  3. Speaking/Fluency: It doesn't directly help you in the speaking department but it's more like a good observation medium to learn and work on your speaking skills.

Writing Personal Diary/Blog

improve your pte academic scores

Reading and Listening can give you enough idea on how to express your thoughts in words. You can test yourself by writing a diary or a personal blog. While a diary is a convenient and personal space to write things, blogs have more room for improvement. You can choose if you want a private or public blog. Public blog invite feedbacks through which you can improve a lot. You don't have to write on anything particular, just write whatever makes it look like it's not a task. 

  1. Writing: Well, no surprise here. The first step to learning good writing is not being afraid to convert your thoughts into words. Write, edit and improve.
  2. Grammar & Spelling: Your writing could be a test of how much you know English Langauge. Test yourself by taking other's feedback or using tools like Grammarly.

Speak English Every Day

Improve Your PTE Academic Scores

It's perfectly fine to make some mistakes during speaking English casually that's how you will eventually get to a point when there are no mistakes ie. ready for PTE Academic Exam day. Nobody just reads a book on English and start speaking fluently, it's a thing for practice. Speak with friends and family in English instead of your native language if you can. Or speak English every time you can like, speaking to a representative? Choose English as an option. Small things like these can make a change. Skills that you will improve by doing so:

  1. Speaking: You will eventually find yourself speaking and forming words without putting too much effort. 
  2. Oral Fluency: Fluency is not about speaking fast, it's about speaking clear without making unnecessary pauses. It's going to be a little difficult if you are a beginner but nothing that you cant' do.

These habits together can improve your English and therefore PTE Academic Score but you still need Mock Tests. So if you are booking PTE Academic, buy PTE Voucher and get 50+ Mock Tests Free!