How To Overcome the stress of PTE Academic

An exam is coming? There comes the stress! What makes exams so stressful? Some people say it's the lack of preparation while some may have prepared from the beginning but feels stressed out on exam day. PTE Academic is a computer-based exam which tests your English Skills, it isn't tough but you need practice. People stress out thinking about they have practiced enough or if they have, will they be able to perform in the exam? Especially, the Speaking Section: You have a timer ticking and you need to speak fluently at once can be stressful. It's a dilemma because of that where you need to be confident and not stressed.

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But no need to worry, it's only natural to get stressed. Let's look at the points student usually stress about:

  • excessive worry about how they will perform
  • fear of being evaluated
  • apprehension about the consequences

Let's break the stress down by addressing each of them individually.

Will I Perform Well?


pte academic


Ok, tell yourself that you will if you practice enough and then get back to practicing PTE Academic mock tests. Sounds simple? It is. You can read about PTE Academic all you want and you can learn English from A to Z but practicing is still required to get your desired marks. Mock Tests will give you an opportunity to know what kind of questions appear in the PTE Academic exam. You can take a step further and create a PTE Academic Environment and then attempt practice tests. Reduce some of your worries right now. Buy PTE Voucher for 12,222 now and get 50+ Mock Tests Free.


PTE Academic Test Center have partitioned desks so you will be hearing voices during the test. The clicking of mouse and keyboards and especially during the speaking section, you can hear your co-test takers speaking into the microphone. Some students are rather surprised by this as exam halls are usually silent. So don't let yourself get surprised, instead, go to a busy noisy place and do mock tests. This will mentally prepare you for the actual Test Environment. 


You have done everything from basic & the PTE tips to practice. Now what? Still, feel a little overwhelmed? Do not worry. Take a day off before the exam day and enjoy like it's a holiday. Give yourself some time to relax and acknowledge that you have practiced enough, all you need is a little confidence and you will get the desired score. Don't let the preparation hamper your Eating or Sleeping schedule. Make a plan if you can.


The Evaluation


pte evaluation stress


Getting judged. It's tough, isn't it? Imagine doing your best but it was not upto the mark for your evaluator. Satisfied with your performance but bad marks, that is not a problem with PTE Academic. It's not just a computer-based test but it is also evaluated by a computer which leaves no room for error. One of the reasons PTE Academic is considered a better exam than IELTS or TOEFL. You don't have to be worried about the evaluation part at all. You might have got 99 problems but evaluation ain't one. 😉


What If?

"If not this or if that could". Let's just collectively agree to dump "if" from our life.  Not the word but the argument "if" we subject ourself to. You have done what you could or if you have time just do it. Don't leave the chance on "if-s" and "but-s". You did well? You will get a good score, you can trust PTE Academic Computer Evaluation. Wasn't upto the mark? Are scores not sufficient enough for your desired university? We always think about consequences, it's only right but should not be excessive. Don't panic, you can give PTE Academic as many times as you want. Book a slot again and start working for it! 


pte academic stree hopes that you are going for PTE Academic stressfree. Do your best and believe in your preparation.