PTE Academic Exam day: Read Before You Go for the Exam

The day you were preparing for is finally here! In this article, you will find a preview of the PTE Academic exam day and some last minute tips you must remember!

You have booked your slot. Eat your food (lunch or breakfast) and get ready by putting some comfortable clothes because you need to sit for 3 hours!

Reach your test center by at least 30 minutes early. Why? Because before test commencement, there is a hefty sign-in procedure.

The Sign In Procedure

pte academic exam day


  • Show your ID: Passport
  •  Test Taker Rule Agreement which you have to read and agree by signing in digitally.
  • The test administrator also tells you the necessary rules.
  • A device scans your palm.
  • Sit in front of a camera in order to take your photo.


Now that you are done with the sign-in procedure, you can put your bag/items in the locker provided by test centers. You will be frisked before you can sit in the examination hall. You can be checked every time you enter the examination hall. Make sure not to carry any items with you as a pen and notepad are given. If one needs medical aid to be taken in the examination hall then one must inform the administrator. 

In The Hall

You have cleared two steps to enter this hall: Sign in & Frisking. You are now provided with a notepad and pen. Your administrator will guide you to your desk. The desk will be partitioned from other co-test takers.

Partitioned Not Separate?

PTE Academic Exam Desk

There will be noise. Yes, you will be able to hear your fellow test takers and that is something you need to be prepared for. Practice and concentration will help you a long way.


You can practice with the help of PTE Mock Tests to ease your way through PTE Academic.


All the equipment which includes screen, keyboard, headphone, and microphone are checked by the administrator in your presence. If you find any difficulty with the equipment, inform your administrator.


Once you are signed in, the first section: Speaking & Writing will be started but note that the first component, the personal introduction is not scored.  The second section will be Reading. After this section, an optional break of 10 minutes is given. You can exit the hall at this time but not the test center. 


How to take this optional break?

Raise your hand and your administrator will let you leave with proper procedure. You can not access the locker during this time.


pte academic exam day


The third and final section is Listening. Once you are done with your test, raise your hand and complete sign-out procedure. You will be given a printed confirmation that you have taken the test.

You can access the locker and take your belongings with you while leaving the test center.

Things To Remember For PTE Academic Exam Day

  1. Relax, one important thing to remember. 😋
  2. Sleep properly before your exam day.
  3. You must reach early! Leave for your test center as early as you can. One cannot predict traffic.
  4. You must carry your passport.
  5. Use the notepad wisely.
  6. Speak in your normal voice, do not shout.
  7. Things one might forget: capital letters, punctuation.
  8. Always do time management in a way that you have yourself one or two minutes to recheck your answer for any grammatical mistakes.
  9. There is no looking back at the previous question so answer when you can!
  10. There you have it, now take a breath and it's time to relax again. ☺️


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