How Partial Credit Works In PTE Academic

PTE Academic has three types of Marking, broadly speaking. 

  1. Correct & Incorrect
  2. Partial
  3. Partial With Negative Marking

We are going to talk about how  PTE Academic Partial Credit works in this article. In a sentence, we can say that some marks or credits  if are given your response is not entirely correct. Considering that most of the questions in PTE Academic are of Partial credit type, it's important to know what it means.

PTE Academic Partial Credit

Firstly let's look at the questions which are evaluated on the basis of partial credits:

Part I: Speaking & Writing

Read Aloud
 Repeat Sentence
 Describe Image
Re-Tell Lecture
Summarize Written Text  
Write Essay

Firstly, the content is the king. Your response should be according to the question. For example, in Read Aloud if you replace,ommit or insert other words in the paragraph while speaking then it's gonna cost you marks in content depending on prompt length. After this, you are scored on the form then the enabling skills like oral fluency, pronunciation etc (if applicable). Content and Enabling Scores both sum up for the total score for that item. While the individual enabling skills are also taken into account to give you marks under the Enabling Skills Profile.

A good example of partial scoring is given for Essay by Pearson in their scoring guide.

pte academic partial credit

As you can see you aren't scored further if you score 0 in Content. This can be true for other question types too. So always stick to the content or what the question asked. 

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Part II: Reading

Re-Order Paragraphs
Reading: Fill In The Blanks
Reading & Writing: Fill In The Blanks

 Partial Credits can be really complex or really simple. In speaking, a lot of parameters have evaluation to give scores but here it's simple right or wrong. 1 mark for each correct response and 0 for each incorrect response.

For example, In Reading: Fill In The Blanks, you are given one mark for every blank filled correctly and no marks or 0 marks for every blank incorrectly filled. This is close to correct or incorrect type except here your every response is taken into account.

Part III: Listening

Summarize Spoken Text
Fill In The Blanks
Write From Dictation

Except for Summarize Spoken Text, the other two question type follow the same 1 mark for each correct response policy. Summarize Spoken includes various component which are Content, Form, Grammar, Vocabulary & Spelling.

NOTE: We have only included partial credit type questions. If you want to know about pte academic partial credit with negative marking then click here. You can also check a brief scoring guide to understand things in summary.

The scores for content, form, etc can range from 0-5 depending upon the question type and prompt length, you may want to take a look at PTE Academic Official Guide in order to check marks given for each question type.

These marking types help to evaluate you better. Hope this helps you in understanding PTE Academic score a little better, time for PTE Preparation