How To Prepare for PTE Academic in 30 days

Looks like you have a whole month to prepare. You can obviously choose to do it your way. Or read on to know if you like to know what our 30 Day PTE Academic Preparation schedule looks like. If you are asking yourself whether or not you can get desired marks in 30 days then the answer is YES. If your English is good in general terms then you just need to do mock tests and study PTE in terms of Do's & Don't.

pte academic 30 days

Day 1

We are not going to individually mention every day but day 1 is really important to plan out your rest of the days. Do a mock test or two to find out what PTE is about. You can find out what you need to specifically improve on. You will also realize how important it is to practice before you sit for PTE Academic.

After giving the mock tests, go through PTE Exam Pattern. You need to be familiar with the question types. Make a list of skills you think need improvement like pronunciation, spelling etc.

Day 2-6

It's one thing to go through questions and another to master them. Take 2 question type from each section as per your convince. Try to understand how they are scored, what is expected from your answer and PTE Tips

Work on your skill development side by side. You can do small tasks every day to improve and learn new English Skills.

Here's what we recommend you to begin your preparation with:

  • Read Aloud & Repeat Sentence From Speaking Section
  • Multiple Choice: Single & Multiple Answer From Reading
  • Summarize Spoken Text & Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answer From Listening

Also, practice them by giving Mock Tests. You can pause, start the individual mock tests anytime. 50 Mock Tests are provided free of cost when you buy PTE Voucher to book PTE Academic. 50 are enough to practice for more than one month. So don't be afraid to attempt any number of mock tests you like.

Day 7

Give a Mock Test from each section. This time you want to make sure that you perform the whole PTE Academic Mock Test. Later, analyze your performance by yourself or by getting feedback. You can obviously choose to do a mock test whenever you want to. But marking a schedule for it makes sure that you commit yourself to at least one whole mock test at regular intervals.

Day 8-12

Choose another 2 question types from each that you will like to master this time. Remember that this ensures that you are giving equal importance to every section and skill. With every mock test, you will find yourself improving.

Question Types Recommended:

  • Describe Image & Re-Tell Lecture From Speaking & Writing Section
  • Re-Order Paragraphs & Reading Fill In the Blanks From Reading Section
  • Fill In The Blanks & Highlight Correct Summary From Listening Section

50 Mock Tests are provided free of cost when you buy PTE Voucher to book PTE Academic.

Day 13

Try something different this type. As you may already know, PTE Academic Exam Hall can pretty noisy. Partitioned desks are provided but you can still hear your co-test takers. It's better to see how good you can perform without getting distracted before going for it. You can test by performing mock tests in a busy environment like class, cafe etc.

Day 14-18

We are following the same pattern with different question types:

  • Answer Short Questions and Summarize Written Text From Speaking & Writing 
  • Reading & Writing: Fill In The Blanks From Reading Section
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer and Select Missing Word From Listening Section

Day 19

Another milestone reached and that's a call for another mock test. Remember to always track your performance and improvement. You can make a separate diary on it.

Day 20-24

More question types to follow:

  • Essay Writing from Speaking & Writing Section
  • Highlight Incorrect Words and Write From Dictation From Listening Section

Day 25

You have prepared for all the syllabus and it's time to put your every PTE strategy to test. These last mock tests can be vital for you. You should see a great amount of improvement.

Day 26-28

If you still feel the need to improve on a few things be it question specific or skills. Don't let any doubt get to you. If you feel like you don't have any confusion or are full prepared then the last check. Do as many mock tests as you can and check for the last time if everything you know is right.

Day 29

Put all your strategy into it and do one last mock test to assure yourself. Your confidence matters and one last mock test can surely help with that.

Day 30

You can now relax and trust your preparation. Don't try to learn something new that you are sure of. It can mess with your previous preparation. Keep your alarm and passport ready for the next day.