5 Steps You Must Follow If You Want To Self Study For PTE Academic

There are numerous ways to self study for PTE Academic. You can take offline classes, tutors, read books, take mock tests, etc. If you have chosen Self Study as your preferred method then don't worry, you can totally get the score you want. You have to make sure that you are doing the right kind of Self Study so here's what we planned for you:

PTE Academic Self Study

Let's Get The Basics

You need to start by checking the PTE Academic Exam Pattern. Familiarize yourself with the question types that will be asked in the exam. Now you can decide for yourself how you want to start according to the level of your skills. You have to understand what the question type will be like and what PTE expects from test takers. This way you can yield maximum marks.

Self Study For PTE Academic

Practice Is A Must

To know any exam pattern clearly, the best way is to take a mock test. That way you can know what you will experience during the exam. PTE Voucher offers 50+ Mock Tests free of cost when you buy PTE Voucher Code to book PTE Academic. You can access them anywhere anytime. That's not it, you can also review your performance and look at sample answers to get some ideas.

Self Study For PTE Academic

Time Management

PTE Academic allots different time to different questions according to the prompt length. The same will be done on the mock tests, so you can improve on time management. The thing to remember is that enough time is given for every question. You don't have a rush because that can ruin your response/answer. You can see how you are doing by reviewing your performance.

Self Study For PTE Academic

Self Analysis

You can review yourself by various means. If you know what PTE expects then it becomes easier to improve your performance little by little. You can refer to the Score Guide for details which will let you know how to answer. But we are giving you a brief version.

  1. Every answer/response should be according to the instructions and prompt. Do not deviate from the topic.
  2. Spoken responses have to be clear and comprehensible by the regular speaker of English Langauge.
  3. Follow the word limit to score maximum.
  4. Give attention to punctuations.
  5. Use the Capital Case wisely.
  6. Always double check your spellings.
  7. Don't be repetitive with your words and try to expand your vocabulary.
  8. Don't rush with your response.
  9. Try not to breath loudly because it can mess with your responses. Just stay calm and give your answers.

These are some of the most important things that you have to keep in mind. All this come down to using English correctly.


Time To Improve

When you are done with self-analysis, you can now improve the areas where you think you can score more. This can be related to the question itself or it can be related to a particular skill. 

Whatever it is about, there is nothing better than asking us for tips because we are more than happy to give you ample study material from various resources as per your requirement in order to do self study for PTE Academic.

You can practice for the question and since skills don't just come in one day, you can incorporate things in your habits to make your English better effortlessly.

Good Luck For PTE Academic!