A 79+ Score Strategy For PTE Academic

Plan your studies and schedule them right so that you won't face any problems during the last days of Exam. This is applicable for every exam including PTE Academic. We are going to help you make a strategy to get your desired scores in PTE Academic exam.

Know Where You Stand


PTE Academic


The first step includes testing yourself. Test yourself on how much you know about the PTE Academic Exam. Check if you know these things:

  • The PTE Academic Exam Pattern
  • The Type Of Questions That Come in the Exam
  • The Skills You are Scored On
  • An Overall View On How You are Scored

Now, you should take a look at your skills. How good are your skills?

  • Do you speak English Fluently?
  • How well can you write English?
  • Reading and understanding English is tough for you?

When you know what the exam requires you to do and where you stand in terms of skills, it's easier to work out a plan.

PTE Academic Exam Preparation

pte academic strategy

Ok, so we have already told the first step required to start your preparation. It's time for preparation!

  • Start with a mock test. We know that mock tests are usually given after learning but there is no better way to know how to start. You can analyze your performance and focus on where you think you need improvement.
  • Focus on all sections equally, plan your daily schedule such so that it accommodates all three skills equally. For example, you can focus on one question type from listening, reading, speaking and writing for a week. It's better than sticking with one section for days. Refer to sample answers and PTE Academic tips to get a better understanding of what you need to answer.
  • Familiarize yourself with the test process. PTE Academic is a computer-based exam and the equipment used are headphones, microphone, and keyboard. You don't need special computer skills but make sure your typing speed is upto the mark by taking mock tests. 
  • Time management could be the key for some of the question types. If you think that you are not able to complete the task within the time limit then you should practice more to achieve better time management.
  • Follow the rules. Only do what the question asks you to. Stay within the word limit and don't deviate from what the question asked you to do.
  • You can choose your desired date as PTE Academic conducts exam throughout the year. Select a date that will give you enough time to study or study first and then select a date, whichever suits you. You need to be ready before the PTE Academic Exam day.
  • Mock Tests are the key. You can not give PTE Academic without any preparation even if your English is really good or if you have learned through books etc.

Polishing Your Skills

pte academic strategy

Apart from preparing for PTE Academic, you can work on your English skills every day by adopting some good habits. This will help you in the long run!

  • Make a habit to read Newspaper daily. It can improve your reading skills, grammar skills and can also expand your vocabulary. You can also start reading novels or whatever interests you.
  • Start speaking English. Try to speak English wherever possible, it can improve your fluency in the language.
  • Try to write something every day. You can make a diary or start a blog. Don't forget to get feedback on the same.
  • Apart from interacting with people who speak English really well, you can improve your listening skills by watching English News Channels or Shows.

We wish you luck for PTE Academic!