Which exam is better: IELTS, TOEFL or PTE?

There are many parameters that one needs to look upon when considering these exams.

The Goal

Let’s get back to basics, why do you give these exams? For immigration or to study abroad. All these exams test your English skill as a non-native.

If the test is valid in most countries then you should go for it. More specifically it is valid in the country/institution you are applying to.

PTE Academic is accepted in thousands of Institutions including Harvard, Yale etc. Accepted for migration in New Zealand and Australia.
IELTS is accepted in over 10,000+ institution. Accepted for migration in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.
TOEFL is accepted in over 10,000+ institution. Accepted for migration in UK, Australia and New Zealand (t&c)

Data as per their own website.

To decide which exam is for you then check the university or institution. If they accept all these three then you can look at other parameters to decide which exam is better.

pte academic

The Fees

These exams are costly. It’s not much of a deciding factor as the fees for PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL is nearly the same.

PTE Academic: 13,300 INR
TOEFL: $180 (12,800 approx)
IELTS: 12,650 INR

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TOEFL is available in around 4,500 centers in 165 countries.
IELTS exam is available in about 1,100 centers across 140 countries.
PTE is available in approximately 250 testing centers in 50 countries.

In India, it should not be difficult to find test centers for any of these exams.

The Format

This is a game changer, although all these exams test you on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Their format varies in terms of time, test form, grading system etc.

PTE Academic
Exam Time: 3 hours
Total Questions: 71
Test Type: Totally Computer-Based
Grading Scale: 10 to 90


Exam Time: 2 Hours & 45 minutes
Total Questions: 85
Test Type:
1. Pen-Paper & Face to Face Test for Speaking Section
2. Computer Based
Grading Scale: up to 9


Exam Time: 4 Hours
Total Questions: 75-100
Test Type:
1. Pen-Paper & No Speaking Section
2. Computer Based
Grading Scale: 40 to 120

Score Availability

In case you want your score urgently or as early as possible then this factor place as big role.

PTE Academic releases result within 5 business days.
IELTS releases result after 13 calendar days.
TOEFL releases results within 2 weeks.

Many factors go into deciding which exam is better for you. PTE Academic hits the bullseye when we ask students about these exams. That is no surprise. Why?

pte academic

PTE Academic stands out for most of the students due to various reasons:

  • Computer-based assessment: There is no place for error or unnecessary judgments.
  • Availability: It's available in thousands of test centers. Not only that but various dates and time slots can be chosen according to your convenience.
  • Unique scoring scale: PTE Academic scores on a scale of 10-90.
  • PTE Academic releases scorecard within 5 days, fastest results!
  • You don't have to do extra work to send in your scores, login to your Pearson account and choose your desired universities to send in scores.
  • The PTE Academic ScoreCard is valid for two whole years!

PTEVoucher hopes it helped you deciding for the same.