Why you should opt for PTE Academic Exam

PTE, Pearson Test for English is a globally recognized English Proficiency Exam. If you are looking to study or work abroad then you should definitely go for PTE Academic to ease the process for you. As many options are available, it often becomes difficult for students to decide which English Proficiency Exam should they take. Reasons why you should opt for the PTE Academic Exam:


You can trust The Technology


pte academic exam


PTE Academic is a totally computer-based exam. From the registering process to the result, everything is done through the computer. You will be provided with a computer, headphone, and microphone at the test center for your entire test. That's not it, your exam is evaluated by AI ie. with algorithms so there is no room for bias or human error. This is also a reason PTE Academic is able to provide your results within 5 days.


You Can Score Better


pte academic exam


If you practice enough and follow some useful PTE Tips, then you have a good scope to score better. You can practice online with our mock tests ie. you don't even need to go to coaching classes! The partial credit system for most of the question is also an advantage and lets you score even if your response is not fully correct. The scores are calculated by AI so you don't have to worry about the evaluation process.


Take The Test Anywhere Anytime


PTE Academic Exam Desk

Pearson has over 250 Test Center in 50 different locations. You can choose any test center you want no matter where you belong. For example, If you are in Singapore but have an Indian Passport, you can still take the test in Singapore if you want. You can also choose your desired date and time from the available slots.




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The registration amount for PTE Academic is 13,299 but with Buy PTE Voucher Online, the same exam can cost you only 12,222 INR. Plus, you get our assistance, study material and mock tests for free. The voucher comes with a validity of 11 months so no need to rush. 


SuperFast Results



You get your PTE Academic Score Card within 5 days of the exam. No other English proficiency exam is able to provide a result this quick. Your scorecard is valid for two years and you are scored on a scale of 10-90(Global Scale of English).


Sending Your Scores - Made Easy


pte academic exam


A free of cost feature that comes with PTE Academic registration is sending you scores to universities. You can send in your scores to any amount of universities.  What's better? In order to send in your scores, you just have to log in to your Pearson account and choose the listed universities. You can select upto 7 at a time and then repeat the process in order to send more.


Wrong Date?  No Worries.


pte academic exam


You can change or cancel your PTE Academic slot after booking. Reschedule or cancel your exam before 14 days from the exam free of cost. If you want to reschedule or cancel within 14 days but 7 days before the exam, it will cost you 50% of the exam fees. Although after 7 days from the exam, it will cost you the whole registration fee.